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Kids Canvas Shoes

We are offering cool looking Kids Canvas Shoes, made with canvas fabric that is traditionally incorporated with hemp or cotton. These shoes are highly breathable and keep the kids comfy when the temperature is at its peak. Highly beneficial for the tender skin of the children, the products are extremely easy to clean. These can be simply cleaned by using a toothbrush & soap water and look brand-new in no time. Offered Kids Canvas Shoes are suited for all of the occasions children are involved in, as they are super light-weighted- offering the feet a good break from fancier leather shoes.

Key Points :

  • No problem in shifting and shaking, come with minimal weight.

  • Applicative for holiday visits, a lot of walking, no stress on the feet.

  • The removal of surface dirt is easy by wiping, release the stain.

  • Available with a wide ambit of designs, denim patterns.